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I am an author and journalist. Raised in Canada, sports culture, education and intellectual curiosity were the backbone of individuality and I gained a Bachelor’s degree in liberal arts and French from Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario.

Latitude Europe

Travel was in the genes of great-relatives who journeyed to the Dead Sea by donkey in the early 1900’s. An aunt was a solo adventurer and alpine climber. Kindled by a grand European tour, the travel bug struck and also encouraged me to be an active part of another culture, not a footprint in transit. I settled in the United Kingdom, married and have been energised by two talented daughters.

Latitude Turkey

Picture of Kas

When the time came to move on, Turkey beckoned as a stimulating adventure, but one that turned into a creative catalyst. Since 1988, the country and its people have been my amazing muse and they continue to inspire after almost two decades.
Picture of Kas I live in the Mediterranean town of Kaş near Antalya, a neighbourhood tinted by the sun’s rays and splashed by the tides of diverse historical eras. Kaş was once an important sea port in fourth century BC Lycia.